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„Can you help me make a birthday cake for my mommy…”

Her eyes glowing full of hope and with an ever so enchanting smile, the 6-year-old friend of my daughter stood before me one Sunday afternoon. I had occasionally been baking cakes and desserts for family and friends and somewhat obtained a “reputation”, that I had been passionately pursuing next to my job as a mother of two wonderful children and my profession as a marketing assistant.

“Of course, I will”, I instantly replied with a smile. We went to the kitchen and I asked her what she had in mind. And then the revealance: it was her mother’s 40th birthday, a big party was up and with that the question was: what cake — and where from ..?

 What followed was a phone call from her mother later that evening, an order for 200 guests and an unexpected storm of inquiries the days after the party.

Time leap.

2019, a couple of years and numerous orders later: I have switched my writing desk and marketing analyses versus kitchen plate und baking books, finished my certified education as patisserie chef – and fulfilled myself the dream of my own bakery.

Having grown up with a cooking and baking enthusiastic mother and grandmother, I got in touch with the sweet side of cooking at a very early age.

My nose dusted from flour, my fingers sticky from jam and my mouth covered with chocolate I was always eager to lend a hand, later filled my bookshelves with books on all sweet — while trying old recipes and creating new ones.

The scent of vanilla pods and Tonka beans and the sight of fresh fruits and melting chocolate are a delight every time anew – as is the joy to see the shine in the eyes of someone who’s just taken a bite from one of my creations. It is with this very passion, in pure handwork, that today I prepare traditional – but also new and individually ordered — pastries, pralines and cakes.

I’m deeply grateful for your appreciation and delighted, that you are part of my journey.





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