Seasonal and Regional:

Cakes or tartes made with fresh strawberries in the wintertime – not with us! A cake can only be as good as its ingredients and — fruits taste best when in season and freshly harvested. That’s why seasonality is one of our priorities. And, let’s be honest: mother nature offers a wonderful variety of fruits for every season! We do our best to source all our products from local farmers and avoid long distance transports — and that goes also for our eggs, which we obtain from local certified bio Farmers, because we value animal welfare. Let’s take a look what that means for us…

  • January and February are the perfect time for apples and pears – but also carrots
  • The apple is Austria’s favorite fruit, with an impressive family of 2000 different types! The most popular are the Gala and Golden Delicious, with 80% coming from the Green Heart state Styria.


Other popular members of the apple family:

  • Artlet: a lovely mix of fruitiness and sourness, best with cheese, compote, desserts
  • Boskoop: sourly, best for apple strudel, applesauce, cakes and baked apple
  • Elstar: slightly sour, crisp, best for fruit salad and apple reddish
  • Gala: sweet, loved by children, best for Strudel, cakes and salad
  • Golden Delicious: sweet-sourness, best for apple sauce, for baking and mold cheese
  • Granny Smith: sour, crisp, good for cooking and baking
  • Gravenstein: fruity-spicy and crisp, apple sauce, apple juice and for drying
  • Jonagold: sweet-sour, and aromatic all allrounder, good for chutney, salad and juice
  • Crownprince Rudolph: slightly sour, very juicy and refreshing, makes great “Apfelkrapferl”
  • Topaz: very aromatic, slightly sour, good for juice, salad and applesauce