Brown strains – how to avoid 🙂

Wash apples well, quarter, remove stones. Build apple back together, put rubber ring around. Looks untouched, can be put into a lunchbox and will not get brown

Left over egg white – what do I do with it?

  • Witch foam
  • Whip until stiff and then gentle mix your favorite jam in
  • Can be frozen well
  • “Salzburger Nockerl” dessert
  • Meringue, and as such can also be mixed up with chocolate, coco, nuts
  • Foam rolls
  • Wind rings
  • Coconut macaroons
  • Wind sticks


  • Before combining them with the dough dust it with all-purpose flour – that prevents them from sinking to the bottom of your baking pan.


The dough sticks to my dough – what do I do?

  • Brush the hook with some plant oil. Apply this trick also when kneading the dough with your hands – it’ll help as well!


Sugar Icing – Perfectly Shiny

Use hot water – that way it will stick well to your pastry and shine beautifully. The icing is best applied with a spoon or a brush, starting in the middle going to the edge. If you want it really white, use milk instead of water,

and for a yellow shade use vanilla pudding powder.

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